26th September 2009, Robotour 2009, Luzanky Park, Brno, Czech Republic

On 26 September CGS participated in a Robot Competition in Brno, Czech Republic, The Robotour 2009.
The competition took place within the Park Lužzánky. It was organized by Mathematics and Physics Faculty of Praha University. The competition goal was autonomous navigation within park paths using a developed navigation alghoritm.
The CGS Robotics Team was composed of two CGS researchers and a Scuola Sant’Anna student.
Other CGS researchers worked on the robotic platform for Robotour.

Fabrizio Rocchi: Project Manager
Matteo Unetti:Localization System
Gabriele Ascolese, Nicola Giordani: Software developers
Mirko Ferrati: Obstacole avoidance, road following, path palnning
Emanuel Luchetti: Open CV consultant

Official CGS Robotics Team:
matteo Unetti – Team Leader
Nicola Giordani
Mirko Ferrati
Robot: Cobra – (Pioneer AT III),
Robot equipment: with a gps, a camera, a compass and a laser

04th November 2009, National Unity Day and Armed Forces Day, Circo MAssimo, Rome

An exhibition of transits and other defence assets was staged in Circo Massimo area (Rome) on the occasion of National Unity and Armed Forces Day.
Gustavo Stefanini Center has participated in OTO Melara exhibition booth, where TRP 1_B robotic platform was exhibited. TRP1-B was equipped with robotic arm for remote manipulation. Italian Republic Presiden Giorgio Napolitano and Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa visited OTO Melara booth on opening ceremony.


14 – 16 May 2008, Lecture on “Robotic Technology applied to security and surveillance systems”

Robotic Technology applied to security and surveillance system

Prof.Takashi Tsubouchi
Univ. of Tsukuba, Tokyo, Japan

14,15 May 2008
Centro Gustavo Stefanini
La Spezia

16 May 2008
Scuola Superiore S. Anna

14 May 2008 – La Spezia
h: 15.00 – 18.00
“Fundamental mechanisms of the mobile robot in the Intelligent Robot Laboratory”.

“Map building in unknown environment and localization”

“Autonomous navigation in indoor and outdoor environment”

15 May 2008 – La Spezia
h: 15.00 – 18.00
“Robotic technology applied to security and surveillance system”

“Field Service Robots

Walking persons avoidance by a mobile robot
Effector changer mechanism for a mobile robot
Automated behaviour of a wheel loader in a realistic experimental field.”

“Control Configured Vehicles – Unicycle and Bicycle robot.”

16 May 2008 – Pisa
h: 9.00 – 12.00 – Aula 3
“Object manipulation by mobile manipulator”

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