07th May 2010, Anutei Annual Conference 2010, OTO MELARA Plant – Historical Pavillion, La Spezia

On May 7th, in OTO Melara historical pavilion was carried ANUTEI annual conference. ANUTEI is the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of TECHNICAL OFFICIER of ITALIAN ARMY.
The 2010 conference was dedicated to new applications of robotics in the field of Home Land Security. It was an opportunity to make the state of the art and discuss lines of future research.
Eng. Villella, Gustavo Stefanini Center, presented a contribution entitled “Technological challenges in unmanned systems and new frontiers” and Eng. Cecchini teleoperated platform TRP1-B in the exhibition area dedicated to robotic prototypes.
The event was an opportunity to meet and compare with the industry world and potential end-users.