17th April 2009, “Simulation with MDRS”, Gustavo Stefanini Center Conference Room, La Spezia

Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 2008 (MRDS) will become the new reference Windows-based framework to create robot applications and simulations for the Robotics Community. MRDS includes a set of useful tools for programming robot applications, as well as a high quality visual 3D-simulation environment including hardware acceleration.
This lecture provided an overview of the CGS experiences with the MRDS platform for robots and sensors simulation, with “live” demonstration of its usage and capabilities.  The lecture has been followed by a brief presentation  about the integration of realistic 3D physical object and robot models in the simulation environment enabling real-world physics simulation.

The lecture has been held in Gustavo Stefanini Center Conference Room, OTO Melara Plant.

Speakers: Eng. Emanuel Luchetti, Mr Gabriele Ascolese.