About us


Background and mission

The Gustavo Stefanini (GS) Center for advanced robotics was founded in 2005 as a scientific research laboratory dedicated to the advancement of teleoperated and intelligent autonomous mobile robots. The primary target of the lab is to make ground breaking research results available to industry, rapidly and at a low cost. For many years, researchers of the GS group have studied problems related with the advanced interaction between humans and robots, developing advanced interfaces for telesurgery or virtual reality. Aware of the close massive wave of mobile robotics both in industrial and service applications, a small group of robotic researchers started to apply previously achieved results in perceptual robotics to remotely operated vehicles. Currently, the lab addresses the area of intelligent sensing and vision, spatial planning and navigation, architectures for the control of mobile robots, strictly following requirements provided by end-users. Our mission includes:

  • Further advance robot control, programming, artificial vision beyond the state of the art for teleoperated and semiautonomous robots;
  • Incorporating our competencies into highly intelligent new modular robotic systems and testing them on the field;
  • Promoting and conducting hands-on training for undergraduate or PhD students in the field of robotics
Eng. Gustavo Stefanini

The research center is dedicated to the memory of Eng. Gustavo Stefanini, Chairman and CEO of OTO Melara 1966 to 1981. He was firmly convinced that technological development, research and innovation were the best way not only to work and produce, but also to grow the territory.